Still Trying to Figure it Out

Those of us who are perceptive give ourselves freedom to explore without limits. We have always felt comfortable maintaining openness, and ponder our decisions. We live flexible lifestyles, and go with the flow. We’re last minute rushers, and can seem disorganized. But, this is who we are.

Coming of age in young adulthood means this openness is closing, and our comfort in the unknown is disappearing. How can we help ourselves in a world with an overwhelming amount of choice, yet a lack of jobs? 

Sometimes we don’t realize large components of how we are wired. You have to know yourself in order to play your strengths. Many may think they know themselves, but this often involves searching for something more. My biggest conquest in my short life so far has been the journey to become self-aware. It doesn’t happen over night, it doesn’t happen over a few weeks. This takes practice, prudence, acceptance, and admittance.

At the raw age of 21 years, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. What I do know is the type of scenarios I thrive in. Begin to take a look at yourself from an outside perspective. Where do your strengths lie, how do you deal with day to day commitments, and what personality traits are most prominent.

A great tool to help discover where your strengths lie and what personality type you have is through Myers Briggs testing. The test ranks you in four different segments:  extroverted/introverted, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judgment/perception. In each category, you score falls further one way or another. There are 16 possible Myers Briggs personality types.

Once discovering more about your personality, it is that much easier to discover what job will suit you. Personally, I’m an ENFP, or an idealist, The Champion.

“ENFPs are expressive, innovative, caring, and supportive. Excited about possibilities for people, ENFPs enjoy helping others realize their potential. They tend to be friendly and enthusiastic, with a wide variety of interests. ENFPs are risk-takers, excited by the unknown and able to adapt easily to dynamic environments.

ENFPs are constantly searching for new ideas and are always looking for adventure. They enjoy meeting people, often able to see connections and relationships that others miss. ENFPs have strong personal values and are motivated by a desire to encourage others to grow and improve themselves. They tend to be charming and enthusiastic, easily inspiring others to share their vision for the future.”


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